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  • Eva Nedinkovska

Eva Nedinkovska is one of the most talented and versatile artists in Macedonia.
She is a singer, lyrics writer, composer and choreographer of her stage performances. She was born on 26.08.1983 in Ohrid, RM. At the age of 7 she started visiting the Primary School of Music “Metodi Patcev” where she studied piano and theory of music for 6 years. She was also a member of a number of choirs including the City Choir. She took part in many concerts and competitions where she achieved excellent results.

As a member of the folklore group “Otex” she represented her national tradition and culture in the most famous festivals for traditional music all over the world. She became professionally engaged in music at the age of 18 when she started recording her songs and participated in all the renown festivals in Macedonia and received many awards.
In “Kaneofest” 2002 she received the best musical interpretation award and the best choreography award for the song “Ne se predavam”. The same year she received the best choreography award in “Ohridfest 2002” for the song “Tvoja fantazija” and the best debut award in “Makfest 2002” where she sang the following year as well.

In 2003 she again received the award for the best choreography in “Ohridfest” for the song “Slatka treska” where in 2004 the competent jury gave her the second place award for the song “Fer za ljubov”.
Not long after that she has started a cooperation with one of the most famous jazz musicians in the Balkan Garo Tavitjan and released the single “Za ljubov stvoreni” and the video for it.

In May 2005 she was the only artist representative from Macedonia at the International Happening “60 years victory over the fascism” in Sofia, Bulgaria where she performed among artists such as Serguei Manoukian (Russia), Mari Mari (Serbia), Café (Bulgaria) and etc.
In 2006 she got the opportunity to be one of the vocalists in the project “Personal View” of Garo Tavitjan among musicians such as Garabet and Diran Tavitjan, Vlatko Stefanovski, Andrea Palazzo, Vasil Hadzimanov, Kaliopi, Toni Kitanovski, Vladimir Vasilevski-Cetkar, Georgi Sareski, Aleksandar Ikonomov etc.

She recorded the outstanding composition of Garabet Tavitjan (the drummer of the legendary group Leb I Sol) “Corea Movement” influenced by the great pianist Chick Corea. She performed as a guest in Garo’s concert in ARM at the launching ceremony of the CD which later received numerous recognitions and positive reviews all over Europe.
The same year she performed at Skopje Festival, the national Eurovision contest, with the song “Taan i Med” where she was placed sixth. Later that year she together with Tose Proeski, Tamara Todevska and others recorded the University Hymn and the video for it.

In September 2006 she took part at the “Europop” festival in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina where she received a special performance award and shared stage with the most popular Balkan singers: Hari Varasanovich, Masimo Savich, Aki Rakimovski, Flamingosi, Deen, Emina Jahovich etc.

In December 2006 she participated in the Gospel project i.e. “Christmas Songs” CD of Tanja Stankovich and Igor Dimovski made by Diran and Garo Tavitjan where she together with Karolina Gocheva, Andrijana Janevska Perre, Maja G.Pancheva, Lidija Kochovska sang the most popular gospel standards.
Till the launching of her first official solo album and signing with "Paramecium Production" as exclusive artist, she had a compilation of 12 songs.

She released her solo album “TALISMAN” under the label of Paramecium Production on 05.06.2007 when in Hard-Rock in Skopje the launching ceremony and the promotional concert took place. She also promoted the video for the song “Enigma” made by Tomato Production. The most of the songs on this album are composed, arranged and produced by Garo Tavitjan while Eva compose 2 songs and all the lyrics except one which was written by Kaliopi. Diran Tavitjan arranged 2 songs and designed the cover of the CD and together with Garo is its executive producer. TALISMAN musically ranges from R’N’B, pop-rock to funk and jazz, once again confirming that there are no limitations when quality music is in question. TALISMAN is a very personal statement and earnest piece of music carrying the artist’s own experiences and emotions with the hope that this CD will communicate other souls and became their talisman as well.